Yoga Poses for Back Pain

Back pain is quite common and may be caused by something as simple as a muscle strain to complex from a herniated disc. When pain arises, all one can think about is relief. Fortunately, the majority of people do not need surgery to counter occasional or chronic back pain.

At Tarpon Interventional Pain & Spine Care, our board-certified doctors when appropriate will incorporate simple yoga poses for back pain to assist in not only relieving pain but strengthening the areas of weakness. Yoga many times can be a complimentary addition to the treatment of back pain.

Once given the go-ahead from your physician, a simplified form of yoga called restorative yoga is a good choice for stress reduction and injury rehabilitation. This form of yoga is well suited for persons with back pain because it does not involve any complex compromising physical poses. Gentle movements and uncomplicated yoga poses are used to ease the body into comfortable positions and encourages relaxation resulting in back pain relief.

There are 6 restorative basic yoga poses for back pain;

  1. Prone-Leg Extensions
  2. Legs Up the Wall
  3. Child’s Pose
  4. Cat/Cow Pose
  5. Two Knee Spinal Twist
  6. Downward Facing Dog

While Restorative Yoga is generally safe, if you feel a sudden new pain or your existing pain worsens while practicing a pose, stop immediately. Contact your physician if pain continues or you’re not seeing any progress after a reasonable amount of time. Listen to your body and stay in contact with your physician during your treatment regimen.

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