We are offering Telehealth Visits, Call us to book your Virtual Appointment today.


What exactly is telehealth? Telehealth is defined as the provision of healthcare remotely by means of telecommunications technology. In these days of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, much of healthcare is provided through telehealth. Technologies include videoconferencing, the internet, store-and-forward imaging, streaming media, and terrestrial and wireless communications.

Tarpon Interventional Pain & Spine Care is seeing new patients and follow ups virtually (and in office on select days for low risk patients). We have carefully reviewed the TMB and DEA’s guidance and are able to still work patients up and bridge them with therapy, certain types of in-office injections and medications till we can start offering more aggressive long term treatment options.

We can see all acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions to help lighten the load of patients going to the ER or urgent care.

Please stay healthy during these uncertain times!

Referrals can be made through usual means; phone 972-596-1059, leading reach, email to aromano@tarponpa.com, or fax 972-612-5410. 

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A person can train themselves to use meditation as a way to reduce stress, develop concentration, think positively, increase self-discipline, create healthy sleep patterns, and even increase one’s tolerance of pain.

Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve can occur when the tissues around it put the nerve under pressure. Bone, cartilage, tendon, or muscle pressing on a nerve can cause it to malfunction, resulting in pain, weakness, tingling sensations, or numbness.

Yoga Poses for Back Pain

A simplified form of yoga called restorative yoga is a good choice for stress reduction and injury rehabilitation. This form of yoga is well suited for persons with back pain because it does not involve any complex compromising physical poses.

Cervical Radiculopathy

Cervical Radiculopathy is where compression of the nerve roots in your vertebrae leads to nerve damage

Cervical Disc Herniation

Neck pain, sharp pain that shoots into your arm, and numbness and tingling in your hand can all be signs of a cervical disc herniation.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc, also called bulged, slipped or ruptured, is a common cause of back and neck pain. Fortunately, there are several options for treatment and in most cases do not require surgery.