Stem Cells and Healthy Bones

There are 206 bones in the human body. Their main jobs are to help protect our organs and provide mobility with the help of ligaments and muscles. What are your options, however, when your bones are no longer as healthy as they once were? Perhaps an accident, injury, or disorder of some kind has changed the way your bones are supposed to function.

It’s been burned into our brain most of our lives that milk can build strong bones – but does this mean literally? No. Unfortunately, milk can’t exactly aid in bone growth and therapies involved with building and strengthening bones – but stem cells might.

Research surrounding stem cells has been controversial since scientists first started experimenting with them. There isn’t a lot of regulation, because the practice is still so new and experimental. Researchers, however, have high hopes that stem cells can play a huge part in human bone regeneration – amongst other things.

How can it help bone regeneration? Science is slowly starting to prove that the injection of osteochondroreticular (OCR) cells into fractures and bone breaks has aided in bone growth and regeneration. By tracking key proteins, scientists believe that OCR cells have sped up the recovery of the broken or damaged area of bone.

Why is this important? Because it could help patients in a number of different medical cases. Those with congenital diseases that have affected their bones and bone growth could seek treatments that could change their quality of life. People who have had certain cancers might even be able to seek treatment after their bodies have been destroyed by aggressive treatments. Right now, scientists have just scratched the surface with stem cell research. Further research is on the horizon, though, and it could be groundbreaking.

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Yenny Rojas

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