Sciatica Causes and Treatments

Do you have pain affecting your back, hip, or outer side of the leg? Chances are you have a condition known as sciatica.

What causes sciatica?

There are a number of reasons for an aggravated sciatica, a large nerve extending from your lower back down the back of each leg. Sciatica happens when trauma or a medical condition increases pressure on your sciatic nerve. Common causes of sciatica include:

What are symptoms of Sciatica?

Common symptoms include:

Typically, sciatica affects one side of the lower body. The pain can extend from the lower back down the back of your thigh and sometimes all the way to the toes.

What are common treatments for Sciatica?

Your physician will determine if sciatica is present using diagnostic tests including X-ray, CT scan, electromyography (EMG) and MRI. Once a determination is made, the team at Tarpon Interventional Pain & Spine Care develops a personalized treatment plan. Most people with sciatica find relief from nonsurgical treatments, including:

If your pain does not improve using the methods above, you might require surgery.

For expert treatment of sciatica, call Tarpon Interventional Pain & Spine Care or schedule an appointment online today.

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