Causes of Inflammation in the Joints

Joint pain is bad enough, but when inflammation sets in with its redness, swelling and heat, the ordeal rises to a new level.

Blame it on your immune system, which triggers inflammation in response to a physical injury or an infection. However, if you know some of the preventable causes of chronic inflammation in the joints, you may be able to avoid it. Here are five common contributors of inflammation in the joints:

Sometimes diet or exercise is not enough to overcome debilitating, chronic joint pain. Tarpon Orthopedics specializes in a variety of non-invasive treatments for both chronic and acute back and joint pain and can help you toward becoming pain-free. From back braces and medication to massage and physical therapy, there is a treatment that can work for your back and joint pain. For more information, and to schedule a consultation, call 972-596-1059

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Telehealth is defined as the provision of healthcare remotely by means of telecommunications technology.