Can Steroid Injections Help My Back Pain?

Has your daily life been completely disrupted by chronic neck or back pain? It can come out of nowhere, without a known cause, eliminating your ability to enjoy activities or even complete the simplest of tasks without excruciating pain. Other times, it can be the result of inflammation lingering from a work, auto, or sports injury.

Back pain used to be tricky to treat without invasive surgeries that often failed to eliminate the pain long term, because of the complex nature of pain. The severity level is unique to each individual, and the contributing factors to the pain and the side effects of chronic pain often are as well. Because it can be caused by so many different issues, such as muscle strain, poor posture, tears in soft tissues, or damage to the spine, there is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment for back pain.

However, epidural steroid injections are helping many chronic pain sufferers like you to finally experience relief after a proper diagnosis is made. Epidural steroid injections are a nonsurgical approach to back pain. The injections contain cortisone, a steroid that reduces inflammation and thereby reduces pain.

Many studies find that steroid injections provide considerable relief to most patients, unlike most over-the-counter pain relievers, because of their targeted treatment. The effects of steroid injections can last for up to a year, at which time you can typically receive another injection. Other treatment options for back pain may be discussed with one of our musculoskeletal specialists to ensure that your pain is being managed most effectively.

At our Plano and Addison offices, we use steroid injections to treat chronic back and neck pain caused by:

If you suffer from any of these conditions, it is likely that steroid injections with a skilled orthopedic specialist can help reduce the intensity and frequency of your back pain. It often takes several doses to experience lasting pain relief from steroid injections. You may be a good candidate for steroid injections if you:

Only a consultation with a back pain specialist will determine if an epidural steroid injection will effectively treat your pain.

At Tarpon Orthopedics, we treat chronic pain in the neck, back, and other areas to improve your quality of life. We take a unique approach to back pain, including steroid injections, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture. Our back pain specialists believe a multidisciplinary, conservative approach that takes into account your specific symptoms and treatment goals works best to eliminate your pain long term.

Get “back” to living pain free again, and enjoy your improved mobility with steroid injections for back pain in Plano or Addison. Request an appointment online, or call 9725961059 for a pain management consultation today.

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