Best and Worst Exercises for Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the worst types of pain in the human body because it not only causes suffering but also prevents you from being active.

A common misconception is that if you suffer from knee pain, you can’t exercise because you could make the condition worse. However, there are actually many types of exercise that are completely safe for people who suffer from knee pain.

Below are some excellent exercises for those who suffer from knee pain plus some exercises to avoid.

Good Exercises for People Who Suffer From Knee Pain

Partial Squats – Squats are an excellent exercise to strengthen your core as well as your leg muscles. It may seem like squats would be bad for those who have knee pain, but if they are done correctly, they can provide great exercise.

Resistance Band Exercises – This type of exercise helps build strength in your legs and can even help relieve knee pain. Resistance bands come in different strengths – low, medium, or high resistance. If you have knee pain, start with a low-resistance band.

Short-Arc Knee Extensions – This exercise helps strengthen your legs without putting any strain or force on your knees.

Exercises to Avoid if You Suffer From Knee Pain

Lunges – Lunges are an excellent exercise for strength and require no equipment, but individuals who suffer from knee pain should not attempt to do lunges. This exercise puts immense pressure on your knees and can make your knee pain worse.

Full Squats – Full squats put stress your knees like lunges do, and they can even be the cause of knee pain. When you bend down in a squat position, you are putting immense pressure on your knees. An alternative to full squats is partial squats, as described above.

Full-Arc Knee Extensions – Full-arc knee extensions involve sitting in a chair and lifting your leg up straight for a few seconds at a time. Although this exercise may seem pretty safe, it involves bending and straightening your knee repeatedly, which can harm a weakened knee. A good alternative to this is short-arc knee extension exercises, as described above.

What to Do if You Have Knee Pain

Knee pain can be debilitating to your lifestyle. There are a variety of underlying issues that can cause knee pain, and the best thing to do if you suffer from knee pain is to see a specialist who can explain your options for pain relief.

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