Back Pain and Emotional Distress

Pain is a Downer

Studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between depression and pain. This makes perfect sense if you think about it, because pain make you feel isolated, possibly even fearful. You may, for instance, fear losing more function or control of your own life decisions. A painful injury or chronic condition really can affect almost every area of your life, and your emotions are part and parcel of how you feel about yourself and how you cope with pain levels. Chronic back pain, for instance, can cause significant emotional distress because it can interfere with every day activities you once may have not given a second thought.

From climbing the stairs to picking something up from off the floor or carrying in the groceries, back pain can make it difficult to participate as fully in everyday activities, like enjoying a day out with friends and family. You may find that you are no longer able to play golf, garden, fish or even just go for a walk. Pain can wear you down, causing sleep disturbances, stress and worry, impacting every area of your life, including your finances and your closest relationships.

The Good News About Pain Management

While pain can and does create its own issues, newer techniques and procedures can greatly reduce or even eliminate your pain. At Tarpon Orthopedics, we understand the deep toll that chronic back pain causes. That’s why we utilize advanced diagnostic procedures like discography to precisely pinpoint the exact nerves responsible for your pain so that they can be effectively treated.

We also offer leading edge treatments such as pain management injections, which target the underlying source of your pain. In many cases, appropriate pain injections can help you return to some or even all, of your normal activities, or help you undergo advanced physical therapy treatments to strengthen your muscles and rehabilitate injuries that otherwise be might be too painful to tolerate.

We also provide other targeted treatments such as epidural steroid injections, which are designed to reduce inflammation and relieve irritations that may be affecting the nerves of your back and neck. We offer facet injections, sacroiliac joint injections, trigger point injections and sophisticated pain management procedures including selective nerve root blocks, and radiofrequency ablation for the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint areas.

No matter if you need treatment for a bulging disk or osteoarthritis, we have the advanced skills and compassionate, comprehensive care you need to treat your back pain. Don’t suffer needlessly a single day more. If you, or a loved one, needs treatment and pain management, we can help. From surgical intervention and corrective procedures to rehabilitation and pain management, we are here to help you get back to the life you love.

To request an appointment with one of our compassionate, highly skilled physicians at Tarpon Orthopedics, call 9725961059 for a pain management consultation today, or request an appointment online. Get back to your life and live pain free again. Find out how you can enjoy improved mobility with advanced pain management today.

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