4 Types of Knee Pain

If you are suffering from knee pain, getting to the root cause may take some time – but it is essential for proper treatment.

Because the knee is a small area, pain often radiates throughout the entire knee area. Therefore, it can be difficult to pinpoint where the pain is stemming from.

There are four categories of knee pain: anterior, posterior, medial, and lateral. The knee is made up of layers of bone, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and the root of the knee pain depends on the exact part of the knee that is damaged or inflamed.

Let’s take a look at the four types of knee pain:

  1. Anterior Knee Pain

Anterior refers to the front of the knee. Because the kneecap is located in the front of the knee, repeated and forceful activities can cause inflammation and pain. Causes of anterior knee pain include:

  1. Posterior Knee Pain

Posterior refers to the back of the knee. Causes of posterior knee pain include:

  1. Medial Knee Pain

Medial refers to the middle or inside of the knee. (The medial part of both knees touch each other when you stand with both legs together.) The most common cause of medial knee pain is an MCL injury:

  1. Lateral Knee Pain

Lateral refers to the outside of the knee (on the outer side of the leg). Causes of lateral knee pain include:

Who Can Help with My Knee Pain?

Our team at Tarpon Orthopedics has a wealth of knowledge treating all types of knee injuries and orthopedic pain. If you are suffering from knee pain and want to learn about treatment options, talk to one of our specialists at Tarpon Orthopedics.

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