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Spine Care

At Tarpon Orthopedics, one of our specialties is caring for your spine. We have doctors who specialize in electrodiagnostic medicine and interventional procedures for painful spinal disorders, such as a herniated disc, pinched nerve, sciatica, and spinal stenosis. We also have Dr. Trace Alexander, who is a chiropractor and acupuncturist.

Electrodiagnostic Evaluation

An electrodiagnostic evaluation, including electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies (NCS), is a major focus of our spine care program. Special tests allow the doctor to pinpoint the cause of your pain – whether it is in your neck, middle back, low back, arms, or legs – and deliver targeted pain relief.

For example, selective nerve blocks work by allowing the doctor to specifically target the nerve that is causing your problem while blocking the pain signal. With the results of an EMG or NCS, the doctor can design an effective treatment plan to fix your problem.

Interventional Spine Procedures

Interventional procedures for the spine are highly specialized techniques that should only be performed by an experienced, well-trained physician. These procedures are often used as an alternative to surgery for effective pain management. Dr. Lewis Frazier, Dr. Daniel Kim, and Dr. Daniel Sunwoo are some of Dallas’ leading spine specialists. They have the credentials and experience to accurately diagnose and treat spinal pain conservatively using interventional treatments and electrodiagnostic medicine.

Spinal procedures performed at Tarpon Orthopedics:

  • Arthrograms with CT (All Joints)
  • Discogram
  • Epidural Steroid Injections
  • Epidurolysis of Adhesions
  • Facet Injections
  • Hardware Blocks
  • IDET, Biacuplasty
  • Limb, Joint, and Bursal Injections
  • Medial Branch Blocks
  • Myelogram
  • Peripheral Joint Injections

Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Patients with chronic pain conditions may benefit from alternative treatments such as chiropractic adjustments, spinal manipulation, and acupuncture. Dr. Trace Alexander is Tarpon Orthopedics’ go-to doctor for alternative spine care. He is trained in acupuncture and enjoys educating patients about alternative, conservative treatment options for spinal pain.

Don’t let back pain, neck pain, or nerve pain keep you from living the life you love. Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong, so don’t ignore it. Call (972) 596-1059 for Tarpon Orthopedics in West Plano, North Plano, or Addison, Texas today.